SUNGI T11 2.4G Wireless Mini Keyboard Touchpad with Laser Pointer

Use USA Cypress Chipset

Stable Signal and 25M Working Distance

Low Power Consumption <5mA

A+ Sensitivity of Touch Pad


Wireless Keyboard + Touchpad + Remote Control + Lser Pointer

Can use for your PC,  Smart TV,  Set top box,  Projector ect. With 25m wireless operation distance,

it can help you get rid of staying close to the PC or TV when you operate them,

you can lay on sofa or bed to go on chatting, email, watching, searching and so on.

Its laser pen working distance also reach 35m max.

Tutorial GuideSUNGI Ergonomic Vertical Mouse
Sungi ergonomic vertical mouse, will comfort your wrist and hand maximum, it can reduce the torsion of the forearm and wrist caused when using traditional mouse, with this vertical mouse, you will say goodbye to wrist sore, finger numbness, elbow stiffness and shoulder pain.